16+ Of The Best Entries For The Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2018

The Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards are fast becoming one of our favorite annual events, combining two of the things we hold so dear here at Bored Panda, cute animals and hilarious situations. Now in its fourth year, entries for the 2018 prize are already flooding in so we decided to give you a sneak peek!

Behind the laughter is a serious message from founders of the awards,  Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam. “Remember, we are all about conservation,” they write on their website. “We want you to take up our banner of wildlife conservation, bang the drum, beat the cymbal and make some noise, we need to spread the word – wildlife, as we know it,  is in danger, all over the world and we need to do something to help save it. You can start by going and having a look at what the Born Free Foundation are doing at www.bornfree.org.uk

Scroll down to check out what is in store for us this year, as we look forward to the finals. Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

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If One More Person Asks If I’m Having A Bad Hare Day.. West Virginia By Daniel L. Friend

Image credits: Daniel L. Friend

Just Tell Us Where You Hid The Fish… Otherwise You’ll Be Sleeping With Them, South Georgia By Amy Kennedy

Image credits: Amy Kennedy

A Wild Red Squirrel In A Split Between Lupines In Bispgarden, Sweden By Geert Weggen

Image credits: Geert Weggen

I’m So Sorry. It Just Popped Out… Madagascar By Jakob Strecker

Image credits: Jakob Strecker

Never, Ever, Ever, Leave Your Camera Unattended (And When An Arctic Fox Is Lurking)… As Specified In Your Insurance Claims Form, Hudson Bay, Canada By Michou Von Beschwitz

Image credits: Michou Von Beschwitz

A Mother Ground Squirrel Calls Directly At Her Young Pup In Alberta, Canada By Nick Parayko

Image credits: Nick Parayko

The Funny Pose Assumed By The Two Bears During Their Struggle, As If They Were Practicing A Vienna Waltz, Churchill, Canada By Luca Venturi

Image credits: Luca Venturi

Dressed As A Bird, This Squirrel Could Finally Blend In To The Pigeon Community Unnoticed… Arundel, England By Maria Kula

Image credits: Maria Kula

A Female Moose Sticking Her Tongue Out, Wyoming By Barney Koszalka

Image credits: Barney Koszalka

When You Really Want To Tell Someone You Love Them, Batam, Indonesia By Muhammad Faishol Husni

Image credits: Muhammad Faishol Husni

A Blue Shark Smiles For The Camera, Rhode Island By Tanya Houppermans

Image credits: Tanya Houppermans

Too Tired To Get Up, But Welcoming All The Same… Churchill, Canada By Simon Gee

Image credits: Simon Gee

Thats Enough Thank You. We”ll Call You, Dont Call Us By Becky Schott

Image credits: Becky Schott

Now That’s Funny! By Amy Kennedy

Image credits: Amy Kennedy

Dance Like No One Is Watching By Varun Thakkar

Image credits: Varun Thakkar

Aargh, I’m Shot, You Go, Save Yourself By Yusuke Okada

Image credits: Yusuke Okada

Just Leave It! I’ll Do It! You Just Go And Make Yourself Useful Somewhere Else! By Dmitry Utkim

Image credits: Dmitry Utkim

The Hills Very Much Alive With The Sound Of Moosic By Mary Hone

Image credits: Mary Hone

Life Of A Teenage Polar Bear! By Denise Dupras

Image credits: Denise Dupras

Place Your Mats Wherever You Find A Space, And Lets Start With A Stretch… By Tim Clifton

Image credits: Tim Clifton

Where’d She Go? By Charles Sharp

Image credits: Charles Sharp

I’ve Kissed You Like 9 Times… You Sure You Going To Turn Into A Squirrel Prince? By Isabelle Marozzo

Image credits: Isabelle Marozzo

Someone Say ‘chocolate’? By Shane Keena

Image credits: Shane Keena

There’s Always One! By Mohammad Khorshed

Image credits: Mohammad Khorshed

Do You Practice The Rhumba? By Bartek Olszewski

Image credits: Bartek Olszewski

Uh…i Dont Think So Luv! By Sue Jarrett

Image credits: Sue Jarrett

A Dugong Seemingly In Fits While Being Tickled By Michele Hall

Image credits: Michele Hall

Makes You Laugh, Pulls On The Heartstrings, Pretty Much Everything By Valtteri Mulkahainen

Image credits: Valtteri Mulkahainen

Ust Follow My Lead: Spin Left, Step Right, Pas De Bourree Aaaaand Jazz Hands. Easy By Laszlo Potozky

Image credits: Laszlo Potozky

Peeping Into Others Matter By Varun Thakkar

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Comedian Destroys White Woman Who Called Cops On Black Folks Having A BBQ With 25 Hilarious Memes

Remember the ‘racist’ lady that grabbed everyone’s attention in Oakland, California over a police call? The internet nicknamed her “BBQ Becky” and photoshopped her into black history moments, even Saturday Night Live did a skit about her. This time, comedian Tim Northern from Louisville, Kentucky took her meme to new heights by making a few calls himself.

“When I first saw the video, it disturbed me that she turned on the crocodile tears at the end,” Northern told The Daily Dot. It also inspired the comedian to create some memes showing him calling the police on white people. “I was in Starbucks just messing around and I figured I’d do just a couple for my friends and they kept sharing them. They encouraged me to do more. I guess we spent about three hours doing them.”

More info: Facebook | Twitter

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

Woman Trolled By Comedian

Image credits: Tim Northern

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20+ Hilarious Reactions To Daniel Radcliffe Swinging Guns While Wearing Bear-Feet

 In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, Harry and Voldemort’s final battle ends with Voldemort’s own Killing Curse rebounding and obliterating him. But what has the most popular wizard been doing ever since? Running in his underwear while wearing bear-feet and holding a couple of guns, apparently.

Someone photographed Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who played The Boy Who Lived, during a shoot of an action comedy called Guns Akimbo, and the pictures are so funny, they sparked some of the funniest HP jokes on Twitter. It seems that the Harry Potter curse is going to be following him for quite a while. Get it? A curse? Nevermind my lame sense of humor, scroll down and enjoy the funny jokes. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites, as well!

Someone spotted Daniel Radcliffe in his underwear while wearing bear-feet and holding a couple of guns

Image credits: Mega

It was during a shoot of an action comedy called Guns Akimbo


Image credits: Mega

But Twitter isn’t convinced and is questioning Harry Potter’s life choices that led him to this situation

Image credits: FelipeHerrera97

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: Rufussssssssss

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: Slackerchan

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: Mister_AoE

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: sohnianika

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: amberellaaa

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: parcelmawlowski

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: febreezanator

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: CloudMoney

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: momentoftru

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: DDotOmenBlog

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: BarkyBoogz

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: urLABness

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: sir_parth22

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: Roman715

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: saiIorjess

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: dracomallfoys

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: Cr8rAndDogs

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: _Snape_

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: whyisbucky

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: faronschneider

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: MatthewACherry

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: Superfly1787

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: CursedPix

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: MzwaMbedu

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: BraveHeart_1906

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: Goudie15

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: LeeBy00

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: FannyG187

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: NikkoGuy

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: Skilllogical

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: MisterRudeman

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: Dursleytime

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: BostonJerry

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: BostonJerry

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: StephenHerreid

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: RealThatsRacist

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: NoTownCas

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: President_DP

Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

Image credits: KarliSan2301

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13 Avengers Stunt Doubles Who’ll Make You Realize Your Whole Life Was A Lie

Side-by-side photos of actors and their stunt doubles not only prove your whole life is a lie. They pay tribute to those who truly deserve it but aren’t always noticed. By viewers or the media. To reveal all the faces behind the famous Avengers, Bored Panda has created this series, featuring both the stars of the show and their trusty companions.

Striking physical similarities? Check. Perfectly mimicking mannerisms? Double check. Bobby Holland, Kelly Richardson, and other doubles featured in the list go to extreme lengths to make the Avengers look as badass as they are, and yes, that includes risking their frickin lives. Scroll down to meet more crew behind one of the best action productions of all time!

Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and his stunt double Bobby Holland

Image credits: bobbydazzler84

Image credits: bobbydazzler84

Image credits: bobbydazzler84

Image credits: bobbydazzler84

Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) and his stunt double Anthony Molinari

Image credits: Bobby Bank

 Chris Evans (Captain America) and his stunt double Sam Hargrave

Image credits: Splash News

Tom Holland (Spider-Man) and his stunt double William Spencer

Image credits: hector vallenilla/ pacific coast news

Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier) and his stunt double James Young

Image credits: jyou10

Anthony Mackie (Falcon) and his stunt double Aaron Toney

Image credits: Fame Flynet

Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) and her stunt double Heidi Moneymaker

Image credits: wenn.com

Image credits: wenn.com

Other Marvel characters that are not on the Avengers team but still appear in many films:

Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and his stunt double Paul Lacovara

Image credits: imdb.com

Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and his stunt doubles

Dave Bautista (Drax) and his stunt double Rob de Groot

Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) and his stunt double Tony McFarr

Image credits: imdb.com

Image credits: prattprattpratt

Zoe Saldana (Gamora) and her stunt double

Image credits: jamesgunn

Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson) and his stunt double Dane Farwell

Image credits: clarkgregg

Karen Gillan (Nebula) and her stunt double Kelly Richardson

Image credits: Kelly Richardson

The stunt double selfie!

Image credits: tmcfarr

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Here’s How The Avengers Cast Looked Like As Kids

This year the Marvel universe brought back the Avengers and their allies to the big screen, but even these dashing superheroes couldn’t protect themselves from puberty. You might remember seeing some of our favorite heroes endure their awkward years on screen – Scarlett Johansson in “Home Alone 3” anyone? While some of these other photos may shock you. We already showed you what the Avengers would look like according to the comics, but are you prepared to see Captain America with a bowl-cut and braces? or Hawkeye with a mullet? Bored Panda rounded-up of your favorite Avenger cast members before they were saving the planet. Check it out below and don’t forget to up-vote your faves.



Black Widow





Iron Man

Doctor Strange

Captain America


Black Panther

Drax the Destroyer


Scarlet Witch



Peter Quill

Rocket Racoon

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50+ Brutally Honest Photos Of Post-Baby Bodies, That Women Are Sharing To Reveal The Truth No One Talks About



Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


Postpartum Bodies

Postpartum Bodies


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85+ Times People Found Some Truly Perfect Handwriting Examples That Were Too Good Not To Share (New Pics)

One of the biggest casualties of the digital age has been the fine skill of handwriting, and the opportunities to show off one’s artsy and satisfyingly precise script are diminishing every day. When was the last time you picked up a pen?

While calligraphy continues to flourish in the forms of wedding and event invitations, font design and typography, having nice handwriting doesn’t really get you that much social cred anymore. Luckily, for those who are blessed with natural talent or have worked hard on their craft, there are places on the internet where you are still appreciated! The subreddit penmanshipporn has long been such a place, where scribes come together to share and celebrate the aesthetic value of their pen productions.

Following on from a previous post, we here at Bored Panda have compiled a list of satisfyingly neat and creative handwriting for your viewing pleasure. Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and let us know which ones you find the most aesthetically pleasing!

This Majestic 2 Slipped Out While Studying

Image credits: jyrocaptain

Not Sure If This Belongs Here, But I Think I Just Drew The Perfect Tick

Image credits: JohnGabrielUK


Image credits: alizoo22

Does My ‘My’ Belong Here?

Image credits: itouchedyourboob

My Mom’s “99”

Image credits: udon-know-mie

This ‘A’ I Wrote On A Fax Cover Sheet

Image credits: thekillerkrab

My Friend Wanted To Try Minimum

Image credits: th4-0th4r-guy

Proud Of The “N’

Image credits: mugsie9

“Typography” Is My New “Minimum”

Image credits: elephant_ink

This Is How I Maximize Space In My Cheat Sheets

Image credits: str1ngcheesetheory

My Friend’s Philosophy Notes

Image credits: trainthrowaway333

Thank You Notes, Cookie Style

Image credits: halffast

This Receipt From A Hardware Shop

Image credits: gradenkombi

Its Not Minimum, But Here Is My Caramelized

Image credits: Siphono

Some Of The Handwriting Styles I Like To Write In

Image credits: Ithelda

The Handwriting At The Diner By My House

Image credits: BatteredWalrus


Image credits: bigbadboris_409

My Math Teacher Let Us Bring In One 8.5 X 11 Cheat Sheet For The Final Exam. I Wanted To Fit Every Single Note I Took During The Term On There

Image credits: thespecificnorthwest

Not Perfect But My Kind Of Minimum

Image credits: muhyb

Probably The Best @ I’ve Ever Accidentally Written

Image credits: adamsmith93

How To Write Calligraphy?

Image credits: made_by_edgar

The Prompt Was “What Is Your Secret Talent?”

Image credits: redditer-in-hr

First Page Of My New Bullet Journal

Image credits: KennyNeedsCoffee

Taste The 🌈

Image credits: made_by_edgar


Image credits: made_by_edgar

I Could Watch This For Ages

Image credits: Benasen

Daaaaamn I Wish I Could Do This

Image credits: Sir_battmaker


Image credits: CaptainAde

Happy Easter Everyone

Image credits: truffleRuffel

My Roommate Is Out Of Town And I Asked For Her To Leave Me Instructions To Care For Her Plants… This Is What She Left Me

Image credits: bonepuzzle

In The Snow

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke


Image credits: J4CKR4BB1TSL1MS

It’s More Of A Drawing, But Someone Suggested My Anatomy Notes Would Be Of Interest

Image credits: Nagohsemaj


Image credits: Cheshix

Arabic Words, Chinese Style

Image credits: MrZero9g5

I Gave This To My Boyfriend When He Got His Promotion

Image credits: onehappysushi


Image credits: made_by_edgar

Modern Calligraphy

Image credits: Football_Enthusiast

Philippine Professor’s Insane Handwriting

Image credits: comsatteur

You Are All

Image credits: made_by_edgar

Soil Chemistry Notes; Not Perfect But I Think They’re Nice

Image credits: avocadoqueen123

10 Points For Gryffindor

Image credits: made_by_edgar

Wrote The Best “S” Of My Life, All Downhill From Here

Image credits: rynearsonm

This Entire Document, Happy Independence Day

Image credits: crazyperson15

A Relative On My Mom’s Side Who’s In Her Late 70’s Has Been Writing Like This Her Whole Life

Image credits: rettapettapoo

A Quote To Sum Up My Feelings Recently

Image credits: FallingSlowly24

I Bought Some Seeds Off Ebay And The Seller Left Me This Note

Image credits: WetEraseMarker


Image credits: poorkidz

My Wife Left Me Messages For When I Got Home From My Trip

Image credits: premedic

Not Even Your Mother

Image credits: made_by_edgar

I Was Told You Might Like One Of My Handmade Cards

Image credits: Nellmark

Powerwasher Penmanship

Image credits: Thatredheadnextdoor

My Hatred For Mustard Changed After This

Image credits: tilterizer

Some Of My Handwritten Anatomy Notes

Image credits: BikerThrowaway606

Word Of The Day! With A Subtle Gradient

Image credits: MajesticalLoki

I Quite Liked How This Word Turned Out During Practice This Evening

Image credits: thedesertplaces

Not Sure If This Counts, But Here’s A Vertical Script Of English I Made

Image credits: TokiwaKurumi

♥️ For You

Image credits: Dear-Vienna

Was Practicing For A Card, Had A Lot Of Fun With M

Image credits: vsilverthron


Image credits: Ryan32123

Hey There – Written With A Highlighter

Image credits: decalex

My Friend’s Beautiful Bio Notes

Image credits: floofycookies

The Alphabet Written Symmetrically

Image credits: manbruhpig

(Apologies For The Curse Word ) Some Idiot Asked Me To Write Their Name In Ink And So I Did

Image credits: annabelsss

Found In Public Restroom In Berkeley

Image credits: proximaldookie


Image credits: Ocarina-Of-Thyme


Image credits: Ferbach

My Company Tapped Me To Do Our Menu Board. I’m About 20 Years Out Of Practice, But Here She Be

Image credits: rukeduke

Just For Fun, Minimum. Inspired By Greek Architecture

Image credits: soybrush


Image credits: made_by_edgar

Have Same Darn Respect

Image credits: made_by_edgar

Oh The Joy I Felt When Metallic Ink Meets Black Paper

Image credits: MrsIronbad

I’m Flying To Israel And Greece Next Sunday So I’m Writing Myself A Little Guide

Image credits: SurvivorOfVault111

This Brush Pen Is Brighter Than My Future

Image credits: made_by_edgar

The Way This Letter ‘i’ Is Written

Image credits: CorporalWotjek

My Apologies For The Grid Paper

Image credits: Teddy_Tsai

Definitely Still A Novice, But I’ll Get The Hang Of It Eventually

Image credits: i-cant-twerk

Writing With Every Ink I Own

Image credits: napsforlife

Was Told I Had “Good Handwriting For A Lefty”

Image credits: Jhughes4707

Pretty Sure I Muttered, “Oh, F*** Yeah” Under My Breath After I Did Those Curly Brackets

Image credits: Avocado_Green28

My Uncle Says Happy Halloween

Image credits: Technenaut


Image credits: TanushJ43

I Recently Started Scribbling On Brown Paper. Really Happy How This One Turned Out

Image credits: vanuusa

Chinese Calligraphy

Image credits: anewhigh

Back When I Was Idealistic Enough To Handwrite Cover Letters, I Managed To Scribble Out This Pretty Nice Looking Date

Image credits: ohmygoditsburning

I Can’t Get Over This Ink’s Sheen

Image credits: jina100

Wife Is Learning Calligraphy

Image credits: Coker42

Anyone Else Love Black Mirror?

Image credits: trznx

My Late Grandfather’s Printing

Image credits: MattyTheKraken

Trying To Motivate My Friend To Keep Doing These

Image credits: jkaway

Found A New Way To Write “Love” This Morning

Image credits: esquiremoose

Seb Lester Writes The Netflix Logo

Image credits: ItsTheShepherd

Who Says You Need An Excuse To Write Your Friends Cards?

Image credits: weird_dogs

Childish Gambino’s New Tour Announcement

Image credits: CrispyCroissant

My Brother Has Recently Gotten Into Gothic Calligraphy

Image credits: Xentarok


Image credits: Lewisnel

I Got A Chalkboard For My Home To Practice My Chalk Lettering Skills. Here’s The First One For 2018

Image credits: thenerdlady

My Friend’s Biology Notes

Image credits: amackenzie44

It Means No Worries

Image credits: Andygd


Image credits: ADogCalledSam

I Get Compliments On My Handwriting Often

Image credits: skankasaurasrex01

My Friend’s Recipe Book Is Ridiculous

Image credits: warholamo

Only Allowed A Single Page Formula Sheet? Challenge Accepted

Image credits: DavidJarnigan

You Are…

Image credits: onehappysushi

My First Attempt

Image credits: IndigoSeasons

That’s One Way To Order A Beer -Kevin

Image credits: TheOneWhOKnocks9

Dave Grohl’s Letter To Fans About An Upcoming Album

Image credits: reddit.com

My Friend’s Architecture Notes

Image credits: recursion123

I Wrote This “Minimum” To Demonstrate The Popular Inside-Jokes

Image credits: Mirikitani

8 Year Old Brother Introduced An Author And He Wrote This As A Thank You

Image credits: kidbeyondearth

This Girls Flip Folder For My Ap Calculus Class Makes Me Jealous (She Did This By Hand Without A Stencil!)

Image credits: T78Afunkyfresh

Practising Some Copperplate – Pablo Neruda’s Soneto Vxii

Image credits: that_guy183

More Anatomy Notes

Image credits: Nagohsemaj

Made A Mistake But Rolled With It Anyway

Image credits: xinUmbralis

My Friends Say My Notes Look Like They’re Printed

Image credits: aprilkwewi

People Usually Freak Out At My Tiny Writing. Should Have 100,000 Written At 800 A Page When It’s Full

Image credits: ssangior

An Old Adage

Image credits: PicklePillz

My Ta’s Handwriting

Image credits: gr3yd3ngu3

365 Days Of Movie Quotes Complete

Image credits: ConflictStar

My Friend’s Physics Homework

Image credits: Teddybearmuncher

Tried Out A Paint Marker

Image credits: SkateReubeno

“I Have Crossed Oceans Of Time To Find You.” – Dracula

Image credits: masgrimes

Sharing This Photo Of My Grandfather’s Calligraphy Writing

Image credits: ryancheah17

That Friend Who Spends Too Long On Their Notes

Image credits: seinsart

I Got My Very First Fountain Pen Today. I Haven’t Looked At Any Tutorials Or Rules Yet, So I’m Pretty Stoked Off This “Hey”

Image credits: archbido

Oc Unity Of Letters

Image credits: mhlvii

Someone’s Notes On A Library Whiteboard At My University

Image credits: the-horny-unicorn

Tried My Hand At Titling My Notebooks For This Year

Image credits: macncheesegirl

José Naranja And His Travel Books

Image credits: akae

I Was Scribbling At Lightning Speed And This Happened, I Have To Say I’m Quite Proud Of That Y

Image credits: You_Witness

This Ironic Vandalism At The Library I Was At

Image credits: fcukthisusername

By Order Of The Peaky Fockin’ Blinders

Image credits: Teddy_Tsai

The Handwriting Of My Great Grandfather

Image credits: dimitribiemond

Storms Are Named After People

Image credits: viper27


Image credits: C00kies4ever

I’ve Never Been More Proud Of An H In My Life

Image credits: jfariello

A Letter From A Good Friend

Image credits: Eterari

Not Super Fancy, But My Everyday Handwriting, Anthropology Notes

Image credits: somniphobiacs

This Request During A Live Instagram Session

Image credits: decalex

A Note A Customer Left For My Manager That Made The Whole Staff Swoon

Image credits: justametaphor

Pleased With My Ampersand

Image credits: spoopty_

You’re My Cup Of Water

Image credits: tueres

A Good Friend’s Ap Bio Notebook

Image credits: BasedKyou

My Handwriting

Image credits: AislingZhou

Not The Most Elaborate Font But I Found This Really Satisfying (Bristol, Uk)

Image credits: 1_Am_4_HuM4n

Casually Freehanded This As I Avoided Studying

Image credits: Sweetfollow

Rainbow Scratch Paper Brings Back A Lot Of Childhood Memories

Image credits: jinjineer

Being With You Makes Perfect Sense

Image credits: liq-whore-i

Lyrics From My Fav Band

Image credits: et-tuBrute

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Askaban

Image credits: slaytertots


Image credits: CLINOMANIAC1331

Trying Out This 3D Look

Image credits: EVO-Atticus

This Week She’s Studying For Genetics

Image credits: lukegraham_baylor

I’m Practicing Fonts For My Bullet Journal, And I Am Just In Awe With This “A”

Image credits: agsummers93

Quiet, Please

Image credits: mike_pants

When All Of My Other Homework Is Done, This Is How I Entertain Myself

Image credits: SurvivorOfVault111

Wrote This On My Whiteboard Last Month

Image credits: AdmJns


Image credits: Ocarina-Of-Thyme

The Wine Bar In My Neighborhood Makes The Prettiest Signs

Image credits: TheHiddenFox

These Lines Started Off On The Write Track

Image credits: kueiki

Before My Sister Went To Thailand On A Research Trip, My Parents Asked Me To Make A Coupon They Could Give Her

Image credits: charlie_wolf

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Image credits: RhonanTennenbrook

Ink + Watercolor + Gold

Image credits: BesalelART

My Notes

Image credits: egau

Arabic Update

Image credits: samthesquirtle

This Is The Homework Of An 8-Year-Old Vietnamese Girl Whose Family I Stayed With In Hanoi. She Got A 10/10

Image credits: MinneapolisWisconsin

This Bill We Received In Can Tho, Vietnam

Image credits: i_like_various_stuff

I Love The Way Simba Has Been Written In This Farewell Card

Image credits: zipzapzoop93

Some Calligraphy Practice With Gatsby

Image credits: MajesticalLoki

A V Neat Letter From Great Grandpa

Image credits: unofficialwizard

This Is German Shorthand (Stenografie), A System That Allows Me To Write Six Times As Fast As I Would Using Regular Writing. The German Parliament Has People Working As “Stenografen”, Who Are Able To Note Things As Fast As Speech

Image credits: Perchick

Rather Impressed With My Capital “Y”

Image credits: PhilHist

This Months Shake Comes To Life

Image credits: stupidDicheny

Astronomy Notes

Image credits: planetarylady


Image credits: Doctor_Dalek

Lost In A World That Doesn’t Exist

Image credits: MajesticalLoki


Image credits: Monkeys_Yes_12

Amazing Doesn’t Seem Like A Proper Word To Describe This

Image credits: _Miasma_

I’m Tryin Okay

Image credits: Maymaymyyy

This Person’s Hand-Written Stardew Valley Guide

Image credits: ravenigma

My College Professor Has One Of J.r.r. Tolkien’s Notebooks From His Time At Oxford…name Written Inside

Image credits: superrousse

A Letter My Great-Great-Grandfather Wrote

Image credits: ldiotSavant

It’s A Good Day To Have A Good Day, Just How I Like To Start My To-Do Lists For The Day

Image credits: jstathrowaway_

Only Need A 125% On This Assignment To Get An A

Image credits: hypodermis

Friend’s Notes Taken During Class

Image credits: FriedFace

This Is My Bullet Journal That I Have Been Into Recently

Image credits: catem197

Chalk Calligraphy At A Friends Wedding

Image credits: Kioseth

February Flowers

Image credits: georgiapeach95

My Great Great Grandmother’s Handwriting From 1916

Image credits: RobotReptar

I Use My Friends Names As Practice

Image credits: Ocarina-Of-Thyme

My Manager Asked Me To Decorate The Tip Jar And This Is The Result

Image credits: Nyaniko-tan

The Perks Of Learning English Overseas (Iraq) Is The Forcing Of Learning Cursive Instead Of Modern Style

Image credits: Ahy_Jay

A Somewhat Regular At The Restaurant I Work At Will Leave These For The Server

Image credits: Bowl0fWater

That Aesthetic

Image credits: humerus27

8th Grade Indian Student

Image credits: notautobot

Did This Chalkboard Drink Menu At Work. It’s In Norwegian But I Was So Happy With It

Image credits: maritaduck91

After 526 Days Of Writing, I Finally Liked This

Image credits: EddyGanjaman

Seen In Cambridge, England

Image credits: devongrrl

Beautiful Chalkboard Outside Of My Local Bookshop

Image credits: sledpool

The Fanciest “Argh” I Ever Drew

Image credits: mltdwn_music

My Writing Isn’t The Best But I Kill It With A Bag Of Icing

Image credits: KrombopulousMary

The Way I Wrote This “That” Wasn’t Intentional, But I Think It Looks Neat Nevertheless.

Image credits: jnid33

Our Teacher Was Pissed, So She Made Us Submit Handwritten Assignments. This Was My Friend’s Handwriting

Image credits: Basi_cally

My Teacher’s Wholesome Notes

Image credits: shimmy2468

Very Proud Of How Perfect I Have Written My Name

Image credits: mto3rdpower

My First “Minimum” – Glove On Snow ❄️

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Musiclyrics: For What It’s Worth, It Was Worth All The While

Image credits: toryburke34

My Bullet Journal

Image credits: h-e-a-t-h-e-r

I Replicated A Page From Sam’s Book From The Library In Game Of Thrones

Image credits: rataface

I Really Hate Grocery Shopping So I Make Pretty Lists To Make It More Bearable

Image credits: wannadowhatsright

I Like This Word

Image credits: reddit.com

A Page From My Bullet Journal

Image credits: onehappysushi

Beginning Of The Semester Notes Are Always In Tip Top Shape

Image credits: nvrminddd

Buddies And I Made This For A Friend. We Were So Proud On How It Turned Out

Image credits: browniesarethebest

My Late Great Grandfather’s Flight Log He Used During And Post WWII

Image credits: theSamba42

I Drew A Nice A In A Beer Bottle With A Key

Image credits: MrB92

This Unit Circle Poster

Image credits: frostyclawz

I Still Know How To Do The 1st Alphabet I Learnt (5, 6 Years Old) – And Kept Improving It During The Years

Image credits: caligrafand0

Some Gothic Stuff

Image credits: caligrafand0

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Image credits: AdmJns

Boyfriend Hates Compliments, But Loves Ice Cream, So I Tried To Compromise On My Love Note

Image credits: keistera

Stitching With Words

Image credits: napsforlife

My Handwriting With My New Pen

Image credits: napsforlife

This Letter My Greatgrandfather Wrote During The Spanish Civil War

Image credits: MSBeatles

A Quick One Before Work

Image credits: mixtureofmetals

Found My New Favorite Pen

Image credits: liz2cool4u

Back At It Again

Image credits: thunderrx

Been Practicing A New Style Of Writing

Image credits: decalex

This Gives Me A Sense Of Pride And Accomplishment

Image credits: theacorneater

Discovered A Little Gem On The Walk To Work This Morning

Image credits: nps1717

Learning Some New Fonts

Image credits: fac3ts

Don’t Touch

Image credits: frankleemedear

Study Notes, Super Neat / Pretty Handwriting

Image credits: xanthaw

More Fancy Cursive With Bic Ballpoint Pen

Image credits: ellehcor

Marking Mock Exams

Image credits: Rlr270719

I Love The Way This Pen Writes

Image credits: ObieUno

Who Else Constantly Writes The Word “Minimum”?

Image credits: TJAttercop

My Teens Have Been Forgetting Themselves Lately. Made A Sign For Our Bedroom Door To Remind Them That Adults Require Privacy Too

Image credits: NuckingFutzCris

I Choose Cursive Over Print Letters When Taking Notes For Work. I Present To You My D

Image credits: 1OO_

Wrote A Perfect “J” While Practicing Italics… I Have Hit My Life’s Peak

Image credits: chirmer

I Wrote A Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Image credits: BurtReynoldsNipple

Pentel Fude Touch Pens Are Amazing

Image credits: mysticveranda

I Get Asked About And Complimented On My Writing Pretty Often

Image credits: Sairwaboo

One Of My Composition Professor’s Perfect Handwritten Orchestral Scores

Image credits: jbird4msu

Proud Of The Cursive “G” I Can Do On A Whim Now

Image credits: iLikeGreenTea

Bought This Plain Wooden Box For $2 And Gave It Purpose

Image credits: burritopalace

Astronomical Treatise On Lunar Movements. 1504. Cairo, Egypt

Image credits: whereismyball

Study Plan For Uocoming Exams

Image credits: misshilly

My First Attempt At A Serif Font And A Themed Font, Freehand

Image credits: dumbest

My Accidentally Smooth Lambda Symbol

Image credits: laohacdepzai


Image credits: mercasm

I’m ‘Satisfied’ With This How This Came Out

Image credits: IlliterateAuthor

My Friends Are Always Raving About My Handwriting

Image credits: bucksshot

The Verso Of My Menu Board From A Couple Days Ago

Image credits: rukeduke

Happy New Year

Image credits: papeipou

We Are All Broken, That’s How The Light Gets In

Image credits: CorneliaStarling_99

A 20th-Century Frame Of Mind

Image credits: mee-oh

Handwritten Menu At Mockingbird Lounge

Image credits: pilnock


Image credits: JWho1337

Frida Kahlo Quote

Image credits: heartnosekitkat

I Found My Manager’s “Coffee Guide” From My First Week As A Barista

Image credits: nkiel

Basically Meaningless, But Pretty

Image credits: metamorphomo

Cards I Made For My Girlfriends 21st Birthday

Image credits: imtakingapooprn

The Smaller, The Better Imo

Image credits: gubbilum

French Penmanship From 1956

Image credits: htrwbr

Love Belongs To The Ignorant

Image credits: CorneliaStarling_99

Some Of My Hand Lettering

Image credits: peachy901

Some Nice Tracy Chapman Lyrics

Image credits: jkav24

My Teacher Commended Me For Taking Such Good Notes Today But I Was Really Just Writing The Lyrics To Real Slim Shady Solely Out Of Memory

Image credits: messygirI

My First Day Of Practice

Image credits: kathyleemousie

I Like How This Person Wrote “Sampler” On My Takeout Box

Image credits: thatschurlish

Song Lyrics To Match The Each Item In The Picture

Image credits: ashleymaden

These Mean Absolutely Nothing But I Liked The Way They Turned Out

Image credits: husseinsworld

A Poster I Painted With Dr Ph Martin’s Hydrus Liquid Watercolours

Image credits: Sanjanasart

Backstage Of Calligraphy

Image credits: BesalelART

This Seemed Appropriate Today

Image credits: decalex

Some Biology Notes

Image credits: fr3shbak3dbr3ad

Practising My Favorite Quote

Image credits: TroiTrek

My First Try At An Ombre Effect

Image credits: Odysseus3

Bored At Work

Image credits: trosh

I Don’t Think I Could Read This All This Year But I Listed Them Down Anyway

Image credits: MrsIronbad

I’m Rusty, So I’m Doing A Practice Run Of Names For A Friend’s Wedding, When This “Susie” Happened

Image credits: imakebubbles

My Physics Teacher, Whose Handwriting Is Typically Illegible, Just Wrote The Perfect “E”

Image credits: PianoDoc99

Eminem Writes A Letter To Tupac’s Mom

Image credits: iNeverQuiteWas

My Organic Chemistry Notes

Image credits: shadyy_sunshine

I Write Sheet Music By Hand Using Charcoal – This Is My Latest: Canon In D By Pachelbel

Image credits: hurricanejustin

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The Way This Little Boy Ruined His Mother’s Proposal Video Will Make You Pee Your Pants Laughing

It’s one of the most special moments in life, getting engaged to the person that you love and committing to them forever. Naturally, many people like this precious moment to be documented, and this was the case for Michigan couple Kevin Prztula and his girlfriend Alyssa.

Kevin had brought along a friend to film his proposal, which was to take place in front of a fountain. The couple’s son Owen was also there to share in the romantic moment, playing around in the fountain, as kids do, while Kevin got down on one knee and began to declare his undying love and ask for Alyssa’s fair hand in marriage.

All was going well as the couple only had eyes for each other, lost in the significance and joy of the moment. Little Owen on the other hand was oblivious to proceedings, and had much more pressing concerns. Perhaps it was the presence of water, the gentle gushing of the fountain in the background that prompted his immediate need. Kevin’s fateful choice of a fountain setting had suddenly taken an unexpectedly hilarious turn.

“I’m gonna pee outside,” you can hear Owen announce. “Are you serious?” His mom says, actually talking to Kevin, shocked by the proposal. “Yeah,” Says Owen, who proceeds to pull down his pants and create a fountain of his own, in full view of the shocked and amused person behind the camera but hidden from the doting lovebirds.

“Oh My God He’s Peeing! Are You Serious?” Is Kevin’s reaction when he finally realizes that his big moment has been hijacked, almost 30 seconds later. While the romance of the situation had pretty much gone by that point, the video is certainly one to remember and it has quickly gone viral, the family has a funny story to tell for years to come! Scroll down to check the video out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

This is Kevin Przytula, 33, and Allyssa Anter, 27, a couple from Bay City, Michigan

Kevin had decided to ask Allyssa to marry him, and he did so in front of a fountain along with the couple’s child Owen

All was going well as the couple only had eyes for each other, lost in the significance and joy of the moment

Until little Owen, oblivious to the significance of the occasion, decided to create a fountain of his own

In full view of the shocked and amused person behind the camera but hidden from the doting lovebirds

Their reaction when they finally realize what’s happening is priceless

Check out the hilarious video for yourself below

Here’s how people reacted


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Here’s How The Avengers Should Look According To The Comics

Superhero cinema has become one of the most popular and successful genres out there, steadily growing since the 2008 release of Iron Man. However, the characters that have become so familiar to us through these live-action movie versions have been around for a hell of a lot longer and while Marvel have done a great job bringing them to the big screen, some adjustments were made to make them appear more ‘realistic.’

But what if Marvel had stayed faithful to the original versions? What would the characters have looked like? The guys at Looper wanted to find out, and through the clever use of photoshop they have done just that. While we think the movie characters do look waay better (it’s quite hard to take some of the comic versions seriously, some do look a bit silly), it is cool to see a side-by-side comparison and it makes you really appreciate what a marvel-ous job Marvel did!

Scroll down below to see some of the far out, retro costumes your favorite Avengers characters SHOULD be wearing, and let us know what you think in the comments. Do you prefer the original style? Or the movie adaptations? Join the discussion!

More info: Looper


Image credits: Looper.com


Image credits: Looper.com

Captain America

Image credits: Looper.com

Scarlet Witch

Image credits: Looper.com


Image credits: Looper.com


Image credits: Looper.com


Image credits: Looper.com


Image credits: Looper.com

The Hulk

Black Panther

Iron Man

Black Widow


War Machine

Here’s what the fans had to say about it

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Woman Slams Toyota Dealership For Charging $800 And Destroying Her Car, So Toyota Shares What Really Happened

These days, were everyone is a critic and an expert and can make or break a business with a single, scathing review, the power of the customer has never been greater. Businesses have had to raise their game customer service-wise, which is good for all of us, but what happens when people take advantage and leave false or unfair reviews out of nothing more than spite?

The key is in the response. Heninger Toyota, a dealership in Calgary, Alberta, received a less than flattering write up from a customer recently, who basically accused them of wrecking her car. “The engine is in the trunk!” She wrote. “This alone should be enough to help people avoid Heninger.” The rest of the details were left out, but it was enough to get the indignation flowing, and the dealership is suddenly enemy no.1 through no fault of their own.

Until they decided to present their version of events. Heninger’s response should be used as a template for all businesses who have been unfairly targeted with false and misleading reviews, polite but firm, factual and backed by evidence. Scroll down below to read it for yourself and please, don’t forget to change your oil!

The post sparked some passionate reactions from the woman’s Facebook friends

And then the dealership responded

Update: the voice clip is not available anymore since the dealership has removed the post from Facebook.

People had a lot to say about this situation








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