People dropping rubbish from cars could face £150 fine as Government crack down on litter

People dropping rubbish from their cars could face fines of up to £150 as the Government cracks down on the country’s litter problem.

The fixed penalty notice (FPN) charge for litter offences has increased by £70 from £80 to £150, and the new fines are set to come into place on April 1, the Croydon Advertiser reports.

The government is also hiking the £80 maximum penalty councils can dish out to people who fling litter from cars.

Mirror Online previously reported that town halls will also be able to fine owners of vehicles from which rubbish was thrown – even if they weren’t inside them at the time.

The Government has previously said the powers should not be abused to raise money by councils – which are left cash-strapped by Tory cuts.

Fines for letter offences have increased (file photo)

Guidance will be issued advising council officers to take into account circumstances like a person’s ability to pay.

Town halls’ body the Local Government Association said the move was a “hugely positive step”.

Environment spokesman Martin Tett said the move “will send a strong message to those who think their laziness is more important than the environment in which they live.”

AA President Edmund King said 82% of drivers backed increasing litter fines to £150, with just 6% opposing the move.

Environment minister Therese Coffey added: “Littering blights our communities, spoils our countryside and taxpayers’ money is wasted cleaning it up.”

Motorists are also being encouraged to pass evidence of those dropping wrappers, cans or contents from ash trays out of car windows to the authorities, the Daily Mail reports.

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Is the minimum wage going up in 2018? How much the National UK living wage will rise for millions of workers on 1 April

The new minimum wage has officially kicked in – a move that will affect at least two million workers.

It follows November’s Autumn Budget, in which Chancellor Philip Hammond confirmed hourly rates will rise across the board for employees in Britain.

On Easter Monday, the National Living Wage goes up from £7.50 to £7.83 an hour – that’s a 4.7% rise on last year.

The Treasury estimates the new wage will leave full time workers on basic pay as much as £600 better off a year.

That’s equivalent to £50 a month – or 33p extra an hour.

On 1 April, the minimum wage for those aged 16-24 will also rise – with pay for apprentices going up by 20p an hour. We’ve got a full breakdown of what rates will apply to you below.

Hammond’s increase in the minimum wage is tied to a long-standing Tory pledge to deliver a rate of £9-an-hour for over 25s by 2025.

Hammond announced the changes in his Budget last November

In a statement today, he said: “From today, millions of people will have more pounds in their pocket and keep more of their hard-earned wages.

“By increasing the National Living Wage, cutting income tax, and freezing fuel duty for the eighth year running, we are boosting living standards for millions of people, giving them more choice over how to use their pay packet and building an economy that works for everyone.”

However, this is still below the Living Wage – a non-Government organisation that sets its own hourly rates, based on inflation – the measurement of how much prices have risen year-on-year.

Rachel Farr, senior employment lawyer at international law firm Taylor Wessing, said: “This increase will apply to all workers, including those in the gig economy such as Uber drivers. It will also apply to holiday and auto-enrolment pension calculations.

“But the National Living Wage remains below the real living wage calculated on a basket of goods and services, which stands at £10.20 per hour in London and £8.75 per hour elsewhere in the U.K.”

The Personal Allowance is also going up this month. It means you’ll be able to earn up to £350 more a year without having to pay income tax – and anyone above the threshold will save an estimated £70 a year.

However, its the wealthiest that will benefit the most. Find out why, in our guide here.

What is the National Living Wage?

In real terms, full-time workers will now earn £2,000 more than they did when the National Living Wage was introduced in 2016

The Government’s National Living Wage became law on 1 April 2016 under ex-Tory Chancellor George Osborne.

The rules state that if you’re working and aged 25 or above (and not in the first year of an apprenticeship), your hourly rate must be at least £7.50 – or £7.83 from April 2018.

Find out if you are eligible for the National Living Wage by using this handy calculator.

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Employment rights

What is the ‘Minimum Wage’?

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) is the minimum pay per hour most workers are entitled to by law. The rate depends largely on a worker’s age and if they are an apprentice. If you’re above 25, you qualify for the National Living Wage instead.

Both rates are a legal requirement, and failing to meet them could result in the employer being fined and even featured in the annual list of shame .

How much is the Minimum Wage going up?

On 1 April, the Minimum Wage is going up for millions of people. You can see a full breakdown below:

New minimum wage rates from April 2018

*the £3.70 rate apples to apprentices under 19 or in their first year

The increase, according to the Low Pay Commission (the body that sets the rates), will be the largest increase in a decade for 18-20 and 21-24 year olds, with a rise of 4.7% and 5.4% respectively.

The new rates, it claims, will boost the earnings of between 260,000 and 360,000 young workers directly because a) increases lead to ‘spillover’ effects further up the pay distribution and b) some young workers may also benefit from increases in the National Living Wage.

Commenting on the analysis, LPC Chair Bryan Sanderson said: “The LPC is pleased that the Government has accepted our recommendations to increase the NMW rates for young people. Many thousands will benefit directly and thousands more will benefit from the increases to the NLW.

“If economic conditions, particularly the labour market for younger workers, remain positive or improve then there will be grounds for further increases in NMW rates for younger workers in the future.”

Bosses are currently legally required to pay workers the following rates:

  • Aged 21-24? You’re now entitled to £7.38 an hour.

  • Aged 18-20? You’re now entitled to £5.90 an hour.

  • Aged below-18? You’re now entitled to £4.20 an hour.

  • Apprentice? You’re now entitled to £3.70 an hour.

There are a few rules to these rates:

  • Apprentices are entitled to the apprentice rate if they’re either a) aged 19 or under or b) aged 19 or over and are in their first year of apprentiship.

  • To qualify for the minimum wage, you must be at school leaving age (16 years or older).

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Consumer rights

What’s the difference between the National Living Wage and Living Wage

The ‘National Living Wage’ and the ‘Minimum Wage’ are both set by the government and all employers must comply.

However the ‘Living Wage’ is a completely separate entity set up by the Living Wage Foundation . It’s also reviewed annually.

The latter is not a legal requirement, but more what campaigners believe workers should be earning (factoring in inflation and so on). Many employers – such as supermarkets – have chosen it in favour of it over the government’s guidelines and therefore pay their workers more.

Currently the Living Wage stands at £8.75 an hour in the UK, or £10.20 if you live in London. The rates apply to all those aged 18 or over. Here is a full list of the employers that pay it .

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More consumer rights explained

Remember: Always read your pay slip

You are entitled to a payslip and should ask your boss if you don’t receive one automatically. Reading it will help you see how much you are earning and how much you are taxed. The Money Advice Service has a guide to help you decode it.

There are a number of different ways you could be paid. If you’re paid by the hour, this should include travelling between different places of work – you can find out the full rules here . If you receive an annual salary, you can calculate your pay per hour . Even if you are paid for a specific piece of work, there is a fair hourly rate – work it out here.

If you work in a restaurant, your boss should not pay you out of your tips. The Mirror ‘s Fair Tips campaign helped secure a law protecting workers back in 2008.

I think I’m being unfairly paid – what should I do?

If you believe you’re being underpaid, you should seek advice on the matter as soon as possible. You can find out what your entitlement is using the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service’s [Acas] Helpline Online tool.

Acas is a free body that provides information and advice to employers and employees on employment law.

If you find you are in fact being unfairly paid, it is advised that you talk to your employer first, and try to resolve the issue.

If this doesn’t work, you are within your rights to file a formal grievance to your employer.

A worker stressed at work
Think you’re being underpaid? Help is available

Alternatively, Acas says a worker can make a complaint to HMRC who will investigate it for you.

If HMRC finds that an employer has failed to keep up with the minimum wage, they can send a notice of arrears plus a penalty for not paying the correct rate of pay to the worker.

The maximum fine for non-payment will be £20,000 per worker. However, employers who fail to pay could be banned from being a company director for up to 15 years.

If you want further advice, call the government’s Pay and Work Rights Helpline on 0800 917 2368. The service is free and confidential.

Alternatively, try approaching the Citizens Advice Bureau [CAB]. Their advisers can assist you with a range of money and legal matters for free.

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‘My daughter saved my life’: How scans during pregnancy revealed woman’s undetected ‘silent killer’ disease

A woman said she was saved by her daughter after scans during pregnancy helped to reveal a cancerous cyst.

Louise Mitchell was blissfully happy when she went for her 12-week scan in April 2016, however it all changed when doctors told her she had an ovarian cyst.

She said her daughter Beti saved her life and believes had she not fallen pregnant, she may not have been diagnosed in time.

Louise told Wales Online : “Ovarian cancer is known as the ‘silent killer’ because there are often no symptoms before it is too late.

“Beti literally saved my life because had I not been pregnant with her there’s a very good chance the cancerous cyst would not have been discovered in time.”

Louise said: “Beti literally saved my life”

Louise Mitchell’s daughter Beti

Louise had tied the knot with husband Alex Mitchell in an idyllic white wedding in Marcross in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The picturesque celebrations in August 2015 came after Louise, who runs family businesses Llandow Caravan Park and Llandow Circuit, and Cardiff council worker Alex, 35, had met on a dating site.

Within months of the big day fitness enthusiast Louise was pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Louise said: “At my 12-week pregnancy scan I was told: ‘Congratulations, you have a healthy baby – but did you know you have an ovarian cyst?’

“It was something I was totally unaware of.

“They kept an eye on it all the way through the pregnancy and told me there was nothing to be concerned about.”

Doctors told her cysts weren’t uncommon and there was no reason to be overly worried.

“Finding out about the cyst was a shock and left me feeling unnerved,” Louise said.

“However my priority was making sure my baby was going to be healthy.

“Cancer couldn’t have been further from my mind.”

Louise was told she had an ovarian cyst during her 12-week pregnancy scan

Baby Beti was born in October 2016 to the delight of her loving parents.

Several months later Louise had a routine operation to remove the cyst.

But then she got the dreaded news that the cyst was malignant and she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

“It was only when it was removed after Beti was born they told me they had found cancer in what they had removed,”Louise said.

“So 20 days after diagnosis I was straight in having a full hysterectomy and then six cycles of chemotherapy in Velindre to make sure I had got the best chance of sticking around for Beti.”

Louise Mitchell with her husband Alex and daughter Beti

The surgery meant Louise would not be able to add to her family.

“I’ve always wanted more children but the thought was overshadowed by cancer,” she said.

But her priority was to ensure she was around for Beti, now a healthy and happy 17-month-old.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer vary from feeling full quickly to loss of appetite and pain in the abdomen or lower part of the abdomen which doesn’t go away.

Other symptoms include bloating or an increase in the size of the abdomen as well as needing to urinate more often or tiredness and weight loss that is unexplained.

Louise tied the knot with Alex in 2015

Louise added: “The symptoms are not something people pick up on soon enough with ovarian cancer. Two-thirds of women don’t pick up on the symptoms soon enough.

“Early diagnosis saves lives. If you do have anything to be concerned about do check it out with your GP.”

Despite her diagnosis, and alongside her chemotherapy regime at Cardiff’s Velindre Cancer Centre, super-fit Louise maintained her training regime.

While having her last cycle of chemotherapy Louise was fighting not only to sustain her physical health but also her mental health.

She came up with a plan to ensure some good would come out of her experience and mark her return to full fitness.

Louise said: “Training in the gym was my lifeline throughout all this.

“It gave me the chance to take my mind off cancer, even during my treatment.”

Beti is now a healthy and happy 17-month-old

Louise also paid tribute to the outstanding support she had received from her friends.

Chris Jones, the director and co-founder of the Force Strength and Conditioning Gym in Llandow, allowed her to train at the gym twice a week for free to help get her through the chemotherapy and Louise is still weight training five times a week.

Now she and 50 other friends from the gym are set to take on the Welsh Three Peaks Challenge in a bid to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and to support Velindre.

The challenge, on June 6, includes climbing Snow don, Cader Idris and Pen-y-Fan within 24 hours. They will also then round off the challenge with a walk at Gwaelod Y Garth near Cardiff.

To donate visit

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Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker LIVE updates from heavyweight unification clash plus undercard from Cardiff

Fighters predict Joshua vs Parker

Lucas Browne: I think he can pull off the upset. It’s the heavyweight division, so every punch matters. If Joshua fights closer, like he did vs Takam, he gives Parker a chance. It depends how Joshua fights, long or close. If Joshua fights long – I’ll give it to Joshua.

Isaac Chamberlain: AJ will beat him late rounds or it will go the distance. I think Parker will catch AJ with some solid shots before going.

Dereck Chisora: I think Parker will be watching the fight of AJ vs Klitschko, I think he will come lighter and try to beat AJ with movement. As I know AJ, if he explodes with his power, he’ll knock Parker out.

Chris Kongo: I don’t see no upset, I see the odds on Joshua, I don’t believe Parker has the power to hurt Joshua. Let’s say the fifth, sixth round, he’ll knock Parker out.

Craig Richards: Joseph Parker is a very good fighter, but I think Anthony Joshua, he’s too explosive, he’s too dedicated, I think Joshua by stoppage.

Matt Macklin: You could argue this is Joshua’s hardest opponent to date, he’s the underdog, so the pressure is on AJ, can he win it? Yes, but do I think he’ll win? No. The best Joshua beats the best Parker, I think Parker will set a pace and try win 12 three-minute fights. I think he’ll look to be busy, throw lots of punches – not have a shoot-out with Joshua. I think Joshua can stop him, but it wouldn’t shock me if it’s on points.

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Sevilla 2-0 Barcelona LIVE score and goal updates from La Liga clash at Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium

Barcelona are going to make a late decision on Lionel Messi’s fitness ahead of their La Liga visit to Sevilla.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner sat out of both of Argentina’s international friendlies during the week owing to a thigh problem.

He returned to Barcelona this week but could only complete half of their training session on Thursday.

Barca boss Ernesto Valverde is wary of risking Messi with a big Champions League clash against Roma coming up on Wednesday night.

The injured Sergio Busquets and French left-back Lucas Digne are Valverde’s only certain absentees for the game against sixth-placed Sevilla, who have a Champions League tie of their own in the week, as they host Bayern Munich on Tuesday.

Valverde expects Busquets to be back fit for the trip to Rome.

Barcelona : Ter Stegen, S.Roberto, Pique, Umtiti, Alba, Rakitic, Iniesta, Paulinho, Coutinho, Suarez, Dembele

Sevilla : Rico, Kjaer, Lenglet, Banega, Correa, Nzonzi, Navas, Escudero, Muriel, Vazquez, Mercado

The match is being broadcast on Sky Sports Football and can be streamed by Sky customers on their Sky Go app. Alternatively, you can follow live updates here.

62 minsminute by minute

Muriel has a go at the other end now! Sevilla hit Barca on the counter and the striker should have done much better, he had options but drags his shot wide. Will Sevilla rue these missed chances now Messi is on and Barcelona have shifted gears?

61 minsminute by minute

OFF THE POST! Alba picks out Suarez with a low, accurate pass but the forward has to slide to reach the ball and his effort comes back off the woodwork!

60 minsminute by minute

The mood has changed already since the introduction of Messi, Barcelona are throwing bodies forward and putting Sevilla under constant pressure.

(Image: REUTERS)
(Image: REUTERS)

58 minsminute by minute

Here he is! Needs must for Barcelona, Dembele is brought off and replaced by the main man Messi. He’s got thirty minutes to make the difference, Dembele shown some signs of promise in the first half but faded when Sevilla went ahead.

56 minsminute by minute

Coutinho cuts inside in typical fashion and rifles an effort towards goal, it’s blocked before reaching the goal though, as Sevilla look to nullify any revival attempts from Barcelona.

55 minsminute by minute

What a phase of play! Navas goes through one on one and hesitates, his eventual shot is blocked off the line by Pique as ter Stegen is in no mans land! The ball then fell to Vazquez who failed to find the net! Sevilla could have killed the game there!

53 minsminute by minute

Banega catches Iniesta on the edge of the box and the referee awards the free-kick to the visitors. Suarez hits the wall once again though and the ball bounces through to Rico.

52 minsminute by minute

Barca are in serious trouble here and their unbeaten start to the season is on the line! How long until we see Messi?

(Image: REUTERS)
(Image: REUTERS)

50 minsminute by minute

GOOOOAAALLLLL! Vazquez has the first chance which was parried back into danger by ter Stegen, the rebound falls to Muriel and his deflected shot hits the post and creeps in!

46 minsminute by minute

Layun is on to replace Mercado for Sevilla, arguably a move to protect Mercado who could have easily picked up a second yellow in the first half.

46 minsminute by minute

We’re underway here and Layun has an immediate impact! What a clipped ball into the back post, unfortunately Muriel can’t quite get on the end of it and it’s out for a goal kick!

Remember, both teams will meet again on the 21st of April for the Copa Del Rey Final, so tonight’s winners will take momentum and a slight mental edge into the final. All to play for in the second half!

Barca will disappointed with their display so far, they’ve not been as inventive in midfield as usual but that’s partially due to Sevilla’s commited defensive work.

We’ve reached the midway point of the game here, as Sevilla head into the changing rooms with a one goal lead against the league leaders! They’ve played well and managed to contain Barcelona’s attacks effectively, N’Zonzi has been particularly solid for the home team.

44 minsminute by minute

Yellow card for Rico, he’s been booked for dissent.

44 minsminute by minute

What a chance for Pique! Umtiti picks him out at the back post and he can’t stretch enough put the ball into the net, instead his effort goes wide. It’s probably just as well since the replays show he was offside from the initial ball over the top.

44 minsminute by minute

Suarez wins a free-kick about 30 yards from goal and strikes it directly at the wall, poor effort there.

42 minsminute by minute

Barca are starting to push forward now, with Pique and Umtiti camped about 50 yards from the Sevilla goal when the visitors go forward. Sevilla will look to utilise the fast break where they can to try and increase their lead whilst remaining rigid at the back.

40 minsminute by minute

Umtiti shows his aerial presence once more, his header from the corner can’t find a team-mate or the back of the net on this ocassion though.

40 minsminute by minute

Roberto found some space temporarily on the right, but he was closed down rapidly by Escudero whom concedes the corner.

38 minsminute by minute

Missing Messi? Barcelona haven’t looked as fluent as they normally do when going forward, Iniesta in particular has struggled to put his usual stamp on the game so far.

(Image: REUTERS)

36 minsminute by minute

GOOOOOAAAL! Correa with a great touch and one-two before playing a simple, low delivery into Vazquez who shuffles the ball into the net with his left foot! Pique and Umtiti are at odds as Barca go behind!

36 minsminute by minute

Correa’s finishing may not have been up to scratch so far but he’s made up for it there!

35 minsminute by minute

Iniesta teases the ball into the back post from the free-kick, Umititi is running at full pelt towards the back post but can’t quite reach it! He ends up in the net, but the ball doesn’t!

34 minsminute by minute

Booking for Mercado, he’s pulled Coutinho down after the ball was played over the top and he was caught out of position. Rugby-esque.

33 minsminute by minute

Shot from Dembele as he faced up two defenders, the effort lacked power and accuracy though and is straight at Rico.

30 minsminute by minute

The game has been relatively even so far, Barca started better but Sevilla have grown into the game and are gradually increasing in confidence as time goes by. How much longer will we have to wait before the first goal of the game?

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LA Galaxy vs Los Angeles FC LIVE score and goal updates from MLS clash as Zlatan Ibrahimovic set to make US bow

Zlatan Ibrahimovic reveals he almost rejected Manchester United for LA Galaxy

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has revealed he almost rejected a move to Manchester United in favour of a switch to Los Angeles Galaxy.

The striker, who is preparing to make his MLS debut with the Galaxy on Saturday, moved to Old Trafford in 2016.

But in a press conference on Friday, Ibrahimovic said he had the chance to move to America two years ago.

“This thing was supposed to happen a couple of years ago,” he said.

“My head was here. I wanted to come here. It didn’t happen but destiny said I would come here. Los Angeles called and I answered.

“I come here to win. I know I will win.”

Ibrahimovic, whose United career was effectively ended by a serious knee injury, insisted he has plenty to offer in the US.

“The lion is hungry,” he said. “I was born old. I will die young. Don’t worry about my age. I went to England in a wheelchair. I conquered England in three months.

“I come here to be one of those guys who gives a boost to the competition.”

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Multiple people missing in Swiss avalanche as rescue mission to find buried tourists launched

Multiple people are missing after an avalanche in Fiesch, Switzerland, as a rescue mission to find buried tourists is launched, according to reports.

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Everton 0-2 Manchester City LIVE score and goal updates as Leroy Sane and Gabriel Jesus net for table toppers

Idrissa Gana Gueye has failed a late fitness test before Everton’s clash with Premier League leaders Manchester City at Goodison Park.

The midfielder suffered a hamstring injury in the Toffees’ victory over Stoke prior to the international break and was assessed on Saturday morning.

Gylfi Sigurdsson (knee) remains out while defender Ashley Williams completes a three-game ban.

Manchester City defender John Stones will miss the trip to his former club Everton after suffering a head injury on international duty.

Stones has recovered from the blow that forced him off during England’s friendly against Italy on Tuesday but must sit out due to concussion protocols.

Top scorer Sergio Aguero (knee) is now close to fitness but City have rested him with next week’s Champions League quarter-final against Liverpool in mind. Benjamin Mendy (knee) also remains on the sidelines.

Everton: Pickford, Coleman, Baines, Keane, Jagielka, Schneiderlin, Rooney, Walcott, Calvert-Lewin, Bolasie, Tosun

Manchester City: Ederson, Walker, Otamendi, Kompany, Laporte, De Bruyne, Fernandinho, Silva, Sterling, Jesus, Sane

31 minsminute by minute

De Bruyne is caught late by Bolasie, resulting in a free-kick that’s taken quickly. It’s worked up to Sterling, who bursts towards the box and fires a deflected 29-yard strike behind for a corner.

29 minsminute by minute

Sterling manages to find some space in between the lines and quickly tries to poke a pass through to Jesus, but he lets himself down with a poor first touch and the home side are just about able to hold on once again.

30 minsSTATS

Overall Possession Ratio


27 minsminute by minute

City hold onto the ball for what feels like an age as they comfortably pass the ball around inside the Everton half of the pitch. Laporte eventually breaks into the box and fires a pass over to Sterling, who shoots but sends a scuffed effort high over the crossbar.

25 minsminute by minute

Frustration is understandably starting to be heard from the home fans. Everton have been presented with a few good chances to counter-attack, but they seem reluctant to push too many bodies forward and are failing to make the opportunities count.

23 minsminute by minute

Space opens up for Calvert-Lewin over on the left wing and allows him to burst into the box and try and pick out Tosun, but his pass towards the Turkey international is poor and easily dealt with by Fernandinho.


Jesus goal in pics

(Image: REUTERS)
(Image: REUTERS)

22 minsminute by minute

Almost a third goal for City! A corner is fired in low by De Bruyne and picks out Otamendi, who quickly shoots and sends a thumping half-volley narrowly wide of the near post.

21 minsminute by minute

And now Walker goes close! More great play by City looks as if it’s going to result in a third goal after Walker is set up by Sane, but the defender’s first-time shot is poor and scuffs well wide.

19 minsminute by minute

Decent chance for Baines! Walcott is clumsily caught by Laporte, leaving the referee with no choice but to award Everton a free-kick just outside of the City penalty area. It’s Baines who steps up and shoots, and his effort doesn’t miss the goal by much.


Sane goal in pics

(Image: REUTERS)
(Image: REUTERS)
(Image: REUTERS)

17 minsminute by minute

Sterling goes close! The first corner quickly results in a second, which is worked out to Sterling. The winger immediately shoots from 25 yards out, and his low effort bounces just a yard or so wide of the far post.

16 minsminute by minute

Silva is left all alone inside the Everton box once again and manages to get a shot away, but a slight deflection sends it just wide of the near post and into the side-netting before it can trouble Pickford.

14 minsminute by minute

Tosun is clumsily brought down by Walker, and Everton are awarded another free-kick in a dangerous position out wide. Baines’ cross is a poor one, though, and it curls straight into the hands of Ederson.

15 minsSTATS

Overall Possession Ratio


12 minsminute by minute

Everton were caught with far too few bodies back, but once again City were devastatingly effective, with De Bruyne’s pass perfectly putting the ball on a plate for Jesus.

12 minsminute by minute

GOAL! It’s another for City! The visitors immediately fly forward from the restart and catch Everton horribly open at the break. De Bruyne charges into the penalty area and crosses to Jesus, who is completely unmarked and easily beats Pickford from close range.

11 minsminute by minute

What a chance for Bolasie to equalise! Calvert-Lewin breaks down the right flank and chips a lovely cross into the heart of the box. Bolasie rises high above Walker and gets his head to the ball, but he sends it looping over the top of the crossbar.

10 minsminute by minute

Sane is penalised for handling the ball over on the right wing, resulting in a free-kick for Everton in a decent position. Rooney steps up and crosses into the penalty area, but Jagielka can’t hit the target with his off-balance header.

8 minsminute by minute

The visitors patiently pass the ball around inside their own half of the pitch as they try to find a way forward once again. This time it’s Laporte who attempts to pick out Walker with a cross-field pass, but it’s overhit by the defender and bounces out for a goal-kick.

6 minsminute by minute

City come back once again after quickly winning the ball back from the restart, but Silva isn’t able to curl a cross into the box from the left wing and has to settle for a throw-in instead.

4 minsminute by minute

GOAL! City lead! A clever pass from Laporte penetrates the penalty area and picks out Silva. The Spaniard heads to the byline and sends the ball over to Sane, who thumps a brilliant strike past Pickford and into the back of the net.

4 minsminute by minute

Silva made a great run into the box to link up nicely with Laporte, but Everton were poor defensively and were made to pay for their errors. They didn’t put enough pressure on their opponents during the build-up, and nobody followed Silva into the penalty area.

3 minsminute by minute

It’s City who start the game on the front foot and quickly put the Everton back line under pressure. Sane does well to win a corner after sprinting down the left wing, but the league leaders can’t quite carve out a chance on goal.

1 minsminute by minute

We’re off! Everton get us underway, attacking from left to right.

Everton warm up

(Image: REUTERS)
(Image: REUTERS)

The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.

Sergio Aguero isn’t yet ready to return to action after a period out injured, so Guardiola has decided to name young striker Nmecha on the bench for the second time this season.

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Las Palmas vs Real Madrid LIVE score and goal updates from La Liga clash at Estadio Gran Canaria

Cristiano Ronaldo is out of Real Madrid’s clash at Las Palmas with a huge Champions League game to come in midweek.

The Portuguese forward has been left out of the squad for the trip to Gran Canaria after playing in both of his country’s games during the international break.

Real take on Juventus on Tuesday night and manager Zinedine Zidane has opted to rest his star man ahead of the game.

It is the third time Ronaldo has been left out in 2018 after also being rested against Leganes and Espanyol.

Sergio Ramos and Isco are also out of the La Liga game due to injury.

Defender Dani Carvajal is suspended, while midfielder Toni Kroos and left back Marcelo have also been rested, like Ronaldo.

The match is being broadcast on Sky Sports Mix and can be streamed by Sky customers on their Sky Go app. Alternatively, you can follow live updates here.

Las Palmas: Chichizola; Michel, Ximo Navarro, Gálvez, Aguirregaray; Vicente, Javi Castellano, Aquilani; Momo, Halilovic; Calleri

Real Madrid: Navas; Nacho, Vallejo, Varane, Theo; Asensio, Modric, Casemiro, Lucas Vázquez; Bale, Benzema

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Dame Helen Mirren’s secret to looking eternally young and fresh is NOT going to please people who fear needles

Dame Helen Mirren has shared her top secret for keeping young – and it involves a procedure that the squeamish might not be able to handle.

The 72-year-old Academy Award winning actress is well known for her youthful complexion – and is the face of the L’Oreal Age Perfect range.

However it is apparently not her skin cream that is keeping Helen young as she has revealed that the secret to her eternal youth is in her eyebrows.

The actress says she braved the pain of a tattoo chair in order to get herself a set of dream eyebrows which never need a touch up and she says it has given her the confidence to face any day without a scrap of make-up.

Helen says her tattooed eyebrows have given her new confidence

“I’ll tell you what I had done recently, which I love — I got my eyebrows tattooed,” the star revealed to the Daily Mail.

“I was fed up of my brows barely being there and when one of my girlfriends got it done, I thought that they looked great,” she explained.

“They’re very lightly and delicately done — but it means that when I get up in the morning and I have no make-up on, at least I have eyebrows. It’s made a huge difference,” Dame Helen assures.

Helen stunned fans earlier this year when she shared before and after photos as she prepared herself for The Oscars

Helen’s transformation wowed fans at the 2018 Oscars

Helen has previously spoken of her mistrust of ant-ageing products, despite being the spokesperson for a L’Oreal anti-aging range.

In August last year, the star may have created a few wrinkles in the foreheads of L’Oreal’s HQ when she made disparaging comments about their Age Perfect range.

“I’m an eternal optimist. I know that when I put my moisturiser on it probably does f*** all, but it just makes me feel better,” she said during a press conference in France.

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