I Spent Four Years Chatting With The Homeless, And Here’s What I Learned

One doesn’t always have change to spare, but when someone reaches their hand out, the least anyone can give, is a smile.

This is how all the interactions I have with people panhandling start. With a smile. And a genuine “Hi. How are you?”

I’ve had amazing conversations with people on the streets, I’ve learned things about history and geography; I’ve learned about cultures I’m not from; about our society, about literature, art, and philosophy. I’ve laughed, and I’ve cried; I’ve both felt joy and anger; hope, and despair.

To me, these are so much more than pictures, or even portraits. They are memories; recollections of encounters that shaped me into the person I am today. I’ve grown more as a human being by speaking with all these people than by listening to all of the teachers who’s class I attended during my education.

And I’m sharing them here today for I hope they’ll make you want to stop, listen, and grow with these people too.

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This is Ozzy. His best friend’s name is also Ozzy

Fanny ran away from home, and her abusive step dad, when she was a teen

After posting his picture, someone actually hired Normand to do some construction work

They’ve been together for nine months

He used to be a professional skater. Went too far with the partying that comes with it

He has a wife, and a baby

He was a marksman in the Canadian military. Ok I have my doubts about the veracity of the story he told me, but still, it was a cool one

They taught me how to say Merry Christmas and Happy new year in Inuktitut (the Inuit language)

He plays Jingle Bells quite well

He told me about the time a little girl gave him her lollipop and it made him cry

He’s Inuk, and he married a Cree woman. Though it was a difficult for some people of their respective communities to accept, this was the happiest day of his life

He’s actually saving up money to buy a Playstation

They had just started saying “I love you” to each other

He taught me a lot about heroin addiction, and what withdrawal does to your body

He became religious when he quit using drugs

Her favorite author is Simone de Beauvoir

He used to work for the Cirque du Soleil

He’d probably convince the Grinch that smiling is the best thing anybody can do

Jake, the one standing up on the left, voluntarily overdosed himself a couple of days ago. He had been clean for 45 days then. He hated the fact that he loved heroin. He will be sorely missed by his friends

Katt definitely wins first place in terms of sign creativity

Mario went to prison after he killed the man who had just raped his little baby boy. He then lost everything

Fernand is probably the nicest guy I’ve ever met. And many people commented the same thing when they saw this picture on my blog

Gilles passed away in late 2016. He was Fernand’s best friend. They considered each other as brothers

He’s a rock’n’roll lover. Anything there is to know about the Beatles, he knows

He’s doing all he can to find himself an apartment and get back on tracks. But when you start from literaly nothing, there are many hoops to jump through

Reggie taught me a magic trick

Mostafa speaks 8 languages. Including Yiddish

I didn’t get to speak much with the gentleman, but I think the spot he picked for himself says a lot about his personality

I asked him what feeling he wanted his picture to convey, he said “Love.” And I snapped this as he was saying “I love my wife”

They taught me how to say “Be happy” in Inulktitut

She’s fighting the system to be able to see her daughter again someday

He had quit drinking a few months ago. He made the decision to quit on the day he set out to kill himself

He’s Cherokee

“We’re salt and pepper”. Salt was a military man, he’s decorated three times

Even though they each have their own place, Evan and Elizabeth sleep outside some nights, just to stay together

She once hit a man with a stick, because he had just did the same to his dog

They taught me that happiness comes from within. They said “We are happy because if they weren’t, then they’d be miserable”

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Khloe Kardashian furiously hits back at babyshamers after she’s blasted for flying to Japan while 8 months pregnant

Khloe Kardashian has responded to critics after she was chastised by fans for flying to Japan while eight months pregnant.

The 33-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star angered her fan base when she uploaded a snap from Tokyo.

Taking to social media on Wednesday, the reality star sparked a fierce backlash when she revealed where in the world she is.

But since she was called out for making the long-distance trip, Khloe has taken to social media once again – but this time to defend herself.

Khloe offered a kiss from Japan to fans – who responded with blind rage

Khloe confirmed she is eight months pregnant

“People are very opinionated about my bump,” she observed.

“I choose to cradle my bump because it’s MINE. I’ve waited for this VERY short moment for YEARS.

“I have only months to enjoy this phase in my life, so I will touch my bump and love my bump as often as I choose,” she fired on Twitter.

Khloe responded to the comments on her Twitter account

Khloe is expecting her first baby next month

Her comments came after she uploaded a video showing off her blossoming bump as she revealed she was due to give birth in a matter of weeks.

“[Kiss] from Tokyo,” the heavily pregnant star wrote as she uploaded her pic to Instagram, utilising the kiss emoji.

Khloe perhaps didn’t expect her fans to turn on her following her update, with some criticising her decision to jet to Japan.

“Should u be over there pregnant missy,” one follower asked.

Khloe has filmed the moment she told her sisters the sex of her baby

While another crowed: “Why r u flying 8 months pregnant?”

Earlier, Khloe had shared a photo of a huge bouquet of flowers – with fans leaping to the conclusion that she’s pregnant with a girl as a consequence.

“This has got to mean you’re having a girl, right?” one of many fans concluded.

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Tottenham 6-1 Rochdale: Fernando Llorente hits 12-minute hat-trick as VAR controversy rages AGAIN – 5 talking points

Fernando Llorente scored a 12-minute second-half hat-trick as Tottenham overcame Rochdale to reach the quarter-finals on a night of VAR controversy.

The first controversy came in the sixth minute when Erik Lamela’s strike was ruled out, after a foul by Llorente was spotted following a VAR review.

Heung-Min Son did give Spurs a 23rd minute lead against the League One strugglers with a curling finish.

But the South Korean then saw a second from a penalty, which was awarded after the VAR ruled Matt Done had continued a foul on Kieran Tripper that started outside the box into the area, chalked off.

Referee Paul Tierney ruled that Son had feinted in his run up and booked the Spurs man and awarded Rochdale an indirect free-kick.

Heung-min Son celebrates scoring Tottenham’s first goal

Rochdale then drew level when Stephen Humphrys controlled Andrew Cannon’s chipped pass and beat Michel Vorm at his near post.

Because of all the delays there were five minutes added onto an eventful first half.

But Spurs put the tie to bed with a lightning start to the second half.

Llorente grabbed his first two minutes into the half when he chipped Josh Lillis after being put clear by Lucas Moura.

Fernando Llorente scores their second goal

The pair then combined for the Spaniard’s 52 minute second before he headed in his third from Son’s chipped cross.

Son tapped in his second from Lamela’s pass to poke home his second from close range, before Kyle Walker-Peters grabbed his first goal for Spurs in injury-time.

Spurs will now face Swansea away on Saturday March 17 in the the quarter-finals

Fernando Llorente

Fernando Llorente celebrates scoring their second goal

How Fernando Llorente needed his three goals against Rochdale.

He began the night with just two Spurs goals after misfiring for most of the season.

And his time at Spurs looked to have been summed up when he even started hindering his teammates and his foul led to Erik Lamela’s goal being chalked off.

But his quick-fire treble was a reminder of why Spurs bought him for £12m when they restarted their hunt for Plan B to Harry Kane in the summer after Vincent Janssen flopped last season.

He now has five for the season but only one in the league so still plenty of work to do to convince.

VAR shambles 1

Groundstaff clear snow from the pitch during match

There was the bizarre sight of a clear green pitch with light blue lines for this fifth round replay.

After the surface was cleared they were originally painted a dark blue so they would still be visible if the snow continued to fall.

But the Video Assistant Referee wasn’t happy that the colour clashed with the lines they would be using for any incidents during the game.

So ground staff had to paint them a second time, this time to a lighter shade of blue.

And they were needed again to brush the snow off the pitch during a second half stoppage after it continued to fall during the game.

VAR shambles 2

Tottenham’s Erik Lamela celebrates scoring a goal which is later disallowed by VAR

Somehow and soon there needs to be a way to inform fans what is going on, especially when a decision has been overturned by VAR.

The entire stadium were in the dark after Erik Lamela’s sixth minute strike about why exactly it was being reviewed.

And even when it was chalked off nobody inside the ground knew it was for the softest foul on Harrison McGahey by Fernando Llorente.

Penalty farce

Heung-Min Son had a penalty disallowed by VAR

So there is a limit on how much penalty takers can stutter their run ups after all…as Heung-Min Son found out.

He fell foul of rules introduced in May 2016 which now mean players who feint during their run up will be booked and have an indirect free-kick awarded against their team.

So many players seem to do the same and never get punished. But it was in keeping with this bizarre game that Son was by referee Paul Tierney.

Rochdale surely good enough to survive

Stephen Humprhys of Rochdale celebrates after scoing his team’s goal

It is a question that was posed after the first game when they earned a deserved draw.

And it remained valid until Spurs’ class told and they ran riot in the second half.

In the first, Keith Hill’s men gave as good as they got on the grand stage of Wembley and played with an assuredness, intelligence and quality that belied their league position.

They are surely good enough to get out of trouble.

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“More questions than answers!” Gary Lineker and other famous football faces slam VAR after latest controversies

Football fans were again left scratching their heads at the VAR system during the FA Cup fifth round replay between Tottenham and Rochdale at Wembley .

Referee Paul Tierney came under fire as he used the technology to first disallow a goal from Spurs winger Erik Lamela, and then to give the home side a penalty despite the offence seemg to take place outside the box.

Tierney then booked Son Heung-min after he stuttered in the run-up to his penalty, which was subsequently disallowed.

The decisions were the latest in a long line of controversial decisions in the FA Cup this season, where VAR is being trialled before potentially being rolled out next season.

Lamela saw his goal ruled out

Paul Tierney was under fire

The VAR system was busy

Previous FA Cup ties between Liverpool and West Brom and Huddersfield and Manchester United also featured various VAR-related drama, and football fans – including ex-players Gary Lineker, Dietmar Hamann and Matt Le Tissier – have been questioning the technology.

BT Sport pundit Jermaine Jenas also slammed the technology at half-time, saying: “It’s an absolute shambles.

“It should be so good for game, but it’s comical.”

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What do you think of VAR?


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Live and let jive: Mirror Man Paul Routledge finds his feet in a dancing class for old age pensioners

For Imelda Staunton and Celia Imrie, it’s a starring role in the film Finding Your Feet.

But for lonely oldies it’s real-life rescue from social isolation.

The movie shows a well-off, sixty-something woman, who has been betrayed by her husband, finding a new life with her flighty sister.

Lady Sandra Abbott, played by Imelda, scorns the pleasures of dancing with strangers – but is hooked.

“I can’t just open up like a lotus flower,” she demurs. Her big sister – that’s Celia – urges “You just take a leap of faith!” She does, and finds happiness.

That is just what Age UK is doing around the country: offering the chance of a fuller life through dance to the older generation.

I found my fellow oldies “finding their feet” in Hull for their lunchtime ballroom session, just like in the film – only rather more energetic.

And there’s even a real life Lady Sandra, all in black, in the far corner. White-haired, petite, with ruby-red lipstick and not showing an ounce of exertion.

Timothy Spall, Imelda Staunton, Joanna Lumley and Celia Imrie in the film Finding Your Feet

Let me introduce you to Patricia Dickson, coming up for 81. And the film is her story. “This is my life,” she says frankly. “But it wasn’t my sister who took me dancing. It was my daughter.

“My husband was having a six-year affair, and I didn’t know. I stayed in, and had a nervous breakdown. I’ve been a dancer since 1945, and my daughter said ‘I’m going to get you dancing again.’

“She took me to dance classes. It was lovely. It brought my life back. Now I have my dance, and everything, and a nice life.”

It wasn’t just the dance that did it. It was Patricia that did it.

Like Lady Sandra in the film, she had to sell the family home, and live in rented accommodation. At a nice singles club, she made lots of friends. And now she has a gentleman friend – such a lovely, unfashionable phrase – David. “We don’t live together, because I don’t want to,” she confides. “But all this brought me out of myself.

“I was down in the dumps. Still, I decided not to stay at home, but to go out and meet friends, and go to classes. Now, I’m really, really happy.”

(L-R) Patricia Dickson, 80 with dance instructor Richard Pearson, and Janet Pound, who also attends the dance classes

This oldies dance session is run by fitness professional and teacher Richard Pearson, at 36 only half the age of many he takes for his class. He says: “It’s about friendship and companionship. They come to us for a life. We’re like a large family.

“I think when people have lost a partner – husband or wife – they start thinking, ‘I don’t have a life of my own now,’ and they come to find one.”

It is serious, hard-working stuff. Richard, Hull’s answer to Nureyev, puts two dozen ladies of a certain age – and one man – through their paces for the best part of an hour. He was sweating by the end of it, and I was hot and bothered just watching. Well, and from trying a few moves.

The music was foot-tapping rather than hip-hop. I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Boom Bang-a-Bang and – to cool down to – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.

“Don’t split your knickers!” calls out Richard. They love it.

In the flick, the fictional heroes of Finding Your Feet win a dance competition, and go on tour in Rome, before romance and tragedy strike.

Hull isn’t quite the eternal city (though it can take that long to get there), but Patricia starred with her classmates in a show Toe Tappers, in which she featured in eight dances.

Our Paul tries to keep in time

“My life has changed,” says Patricia. And it is easy to have more feeling for her true story than the glitzy sentiment of Hollywoodised charity exercise.

But let’s not forget why we’re here. Age UK Hull is not a marriage market. It is about Stayin’ Alive – the one song they didn’t play, by the way. I wonder why?

Research by the charity shows that of all the things you can do to sustain well-being in later life to stay happy – taking part in creative activities such has dancing has the biggest positive effect, bar none.

That’s why Age UK teamed up with production company Entertainment One to make and launch Finding Your Feet. This is a first bringing together the film and charity world.

Age UK worked closely with the writers and producers to shine a light on challenges often faced in later life while also proving “it’s never too late to start again”.

With an all-star cast, including Joanna Lumley, an ambassador for the charity, the film delves into a range of issues, including loneliness, bereavement, health and keeping active.

It’s also very funny. The cinema where I watched it in Leeds rang with laughter.

It is real life transferred to the silver screen. Meg Leonard and partner Nick Moorcroft, writers and producers for the film, took inspiration from Meg’s mother, who was a volunteer for Age UK in Wales.

Caroline Abrahams, of Age UK, says: “The film shows that with a little help and support, things can get better, particularly when it comes to new interests, making new friends and getting active.

Dancing can be a healthy workout with friends

“We know that sometimes it is just one intervention that can make all the difference.”

In the film, Staunton’s Lady Sandra discovers her police chief husband has been having an affair with a family friend. She walks out and moves in with estranged sister Bif in a tiny flat in a London tower block.

Singleton Bif (Imrie) leads a life of bohemian bliss, smoking spliffs, serial-dating men friends and enjoying exuberant dance sessions at the community centre.

Lady Sandra tries it and is partnered up with Charlie (Timothy Spall), who lives on a canal boat. This being a very English rom-com, Lady Sandra falls for Charlie.

The dance class stages a Christmas street spectacular, climaxing in the dancers pulling open their jackets to show T-shirts with the Age UK logo – Love Later Life. There was no Charlie in Hull, with only one man in the 20-odd dancers at the session.

Ex-teacher Ian Morrison, 74, says “No problem there. I just get on with it. I’ve been coming for 15 months.”

But he’s by no means the oldest man at the Age UK classes in Hull. Charlie, 86, a former ship’s captain, has signed up for zumba. Which goes to show you can teach an old sea-dog new tricks.

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Tottenham vs Rochdale LIVE score and goal updates from FA Cup fifth round replay at Wembley

Rochdale earned a shocking FA Cup fifth round replay as Steve Davies netted a last-gasp equaliser at Spotland.

Tottenham looked to have avoided an upset after Ian Henderson’s opener, as Lucas Moura and Harry Kane both netted, but the late goal means we go again at Wembley.

The winners will face Swansea, who overcame Sheffield Wednesday last night, in the quarter-finals.

The game is live on BT Sports and can be streamed on their app. But you can, of course, follow all the action as it happens right here with Mirror Football.

Tottenham: Vorm, Trippier, Dier, Foyth, Rose, Sissoko, Winks, Lamela, Son, Lucas, Llorente. Subs: Gazzaniga, Walker-Peters, Sanchez, Dembele, Eriksen, Dele, Kane

Rochdale: Lillis, Rafferty, McNulty, McGahey, Humphrys, Camps, Done, Delaney, Cannon, Kitching, Henderson

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What channel is Tottenham vs Rochdale? Kick-off time, live stream details and more ahead of FA Cup replay

Rochdale boss Keith Hill says his side will have to be at their “best defensively for 95 minutes” to have any chance of upsetting Tottenham in their FA Cup fifth round replay at Wembley.

Dale striker Steve Davies scored an injury-time equaliser to earn the League One side a replay when the teams met on February 18 in a 2-2 draw.

But they now face an even bigger task in the national stadium, where Spurs are unbeaten in 13 home games since defeat to West Ham in October last year.

And the Londoners have a fantastic track record in FA Cup replays, winning their previous eight in a row – last being eliminated in 2007 to eventual winners Chelsea in the quarter-final stage.

When is the match?

Harry Kane thought he’d won it with a late penalty before Rochdale struck

The match kicks off at 7.45pm on Wednesday 28 February, from Wembley Stadium.

Which channel is it on?

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The match is live on BT Sport 2 and BT Sport 4K UHD from 7:15pm.

Updates will also be provided throughout the match on the Mirror’s Football page.

Will there be a live stream?

Rochdale boss felt his side deserved a replay following their performance

The match is live on BT Sport 2 and BT Sport 4K UHD from 7:15pm, and subscribers can stream the game via the BT Sport app.

Updates will also be provided throughout the match on the Mirror’s Football page.

Team news

Mauricio Pochettino may have a reshuffle for the visit to Rochdale

Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino has said he plans to “rotate” his first team squad for tonight’s game.

Spurs will be without injured central defenders Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld .

Michel Vorm returns in goal, while Kieran Trippier , Danny Rose , Harry Winks and Son Heung-min are also set to start.

Rochdale will likely field the same squad that secured a draw at Spotlands, but will be without injured forward Calvin Andrew .

Betting odds

Tottenham 1/12

Draw 11/1

Rochdale 35/1

Latest odds to win in 90mins from Betfair

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St Patrick’s Day 2018 UK parades and activities – plus top deals on what you need if you’re celebrating the event at home

St Patrick’s Day is upon us – the biggest day in the Irish calendar and a nationwide excuse for some heavy drinking.

We round up the best parades across the UK to attend this weekend in hot spots like London, Belfast and Birmingam.

If you plan to stay at home, we’ve also compiled a handy guide for staying in, including St Patrick’s Day recipes , games and where to get cheap fancy dress costumes.

If your St Patrick’s Day festivities are more likely to consist of downing a lot of Guinness (it does fall on a Friday, after all) we’ve even tracked down the cheapest place to buy it.

St Patricks Day activities around the UK


Trafalgar Square

Sunday St Paddy celebrations will take place in London’s Trafalgar Square

The annual St Patrick’s Day parade is set to be the biggest one yet, taking place on Friday 16 – Sunday 18 March with the parade and stage line-up on Sunday 18 March at 12pm.

This year’s festival will celebrate the achievements and success of London’s Irish women, using the hashtag #BehindEveryGreatCity and will weave its way through some of London’s most iconic landmarks, going from Hyde Park Corner, to Piccadilly, to Haymarket, to Trafalgar Square, to Whitehall.

Canada Water

The Guinness party of dreams is happening in Canada Water

Guinness are hosting a Six Nations and St. Patrick’s Day party at Hawker House on Saturday 17th March, conveniently coinciding with the last day of Six Nations games (which is also when England play Ireland!).

Naturally, the famous Irish beer brand are holding a big live screening event to celebrate that includes an 8m LED viewing screen, seated grandstand, Guinness on tap, delicious Guinness-inspired street food from BBQ legends Hot Box and ice-cream masters Chin Chin Labs, and of course, some St. Patrick’s Day spirit!

Tickets are now on sale here, costing £5 each, which includes a pint of Guinness.

Tickets are a fiver – but include a free pint

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How to save on London travel costs


Birmingham city centre
Birmingham is home to one of the world’s biggest St Paddy parades

Birmingham ‘s parade is the third biggest in the world (beaten only by Dublin and New York), with the city also home to Britain’s only Irish Quarter, centred on Digbeth.

An Emerald Mile fun run will take place alongside the rest of the festivities (including a parade, music stage and street food stalls), all taking place on Sunday, March 11.

The parade will set off at 2pm from Camp Hill, through Digbeth towards the Bullring shopping centre then loop back round again.

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St Patrick’s Day 2017


City Hall, Belfast
Head to Belfast for the biggest show in Great Britain

Northern Ireland’s capital will be marking the big day with a colourful parade (of course) and a free concert full of X Factor favourites.

This year’s theme is Global Belfast and the parade will set off on Saturday 17th March departing from Royal Avenue at 11.30am and finishing at Writers Square. After the parade, there will be a free-to-access concert from 1.30pm.

The concert will feature an array of exciting performances, closing with former JLS and Strictly Come Dancing member Aston Merrygold.

Staying in on St Patrick’s Day

Cheapest place to buy Guinness

A woman takes a sip from her pint of Guinness
Irish you a very happy St Paddy’s Day

Perhaps the most famous Irish export in the entire world, the iron-rich and unashamedly delicious stout should be a mandatory part of every St Paddy’s Day celebration.

Both Asda , Morrisons and Tesco currently have two for £6 on Guinness West Indies Porter, if you’re going for the posh version.

Sainsbury’s have cut the price of their ten pack of cans to £9 a pack, while Waitrose are selling their bottles of the original stuff for three for £5.

St Patrick’s Day fancy dress and accessories

Green is the Irish symbol of good luck – so make sure you’re sporting it

It must be a crime to celebrate St Paddy’s Day without wearing a statement leprechaun hat ?

If you seem to have misplaced the one you picked up in the pub during last year’s celebrations, here’s where to get one for less online.

Pick up one up at Amazon for £3.99 , or get the bearded version for £4.99 .

If you’d prefer to spend a bit less, Poundland have plenty of options to choose from, but they’re only available to buy in store.

If you don’t want to spoil your sophistication with any of the above, wearing something green may just about cut it. Maybe.

St Patrick’s Day decorations

Irish flag (Pic:Getty Images)
There’s no shortage of Irish decor available – but it’s selling out fast

Green is the colour for Ireland’s big day and Amazon has everything you need to amp up your sitting room, from balloons (£2.74) , flags (£1.89) and bunting (£2.30) , all with express delivery.

Once again, Poundland also has some decent decorations on offer , but they aren’t available online, so you’ll have to try your luck at your local store.

St Patrick’s Day games and activities

Alcohol or no alcohol, entertain your guests with these fun games

If pinching anyone who isn’t wearing green doesn’t quite hit the mark as entertainment, get the kids involved in a game of Shamrock Scrabble instead.

All you need to do is get ten or so different shamrocks (either print them out or cut them out from a bit of card) and place them around the room.

Play some music and when the music stops, every kid has to quickly stand on one of the shamrocks. Each time, the one without a shamrock is out the game. Just make sure you remove a shamrock each time until there’s only one man left standing.

Bushmills Irish Whiskey have released an Irish toast for the occasion, so if you’re feeling like drinking the hard stuff, why not honour Saint Patrick while you do it?

Video Loading

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Alternatively, stick to the classics and play Monopoly, but treat yourself to a special Irish edition such as Belfast, Limerick or Cork, from £25.56.

St Patrick’s Day music

How many Irish bands can you name?

Ireland are as well known for their traditional folk songs as they are for their mass of worldwide pop music exports that includes U2, Westlife, Hozier, B*witched and… Jedward.

Put on some great Irish Pub songs featured in this compilation on Amazon and sing along while sipping on a Guinness – you’ll be surprised at how many you know.

From Danny Boy, to Lord of the Dance to Fairytale of New York, Ireland is home to plenty of classic tunes. You can buy a CD of all the Irish favourites on Amazon here for £10.23.

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Chickens Like You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

I’m Matteo and I’m a professional photographer. I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of birds.

In 2013 I decided to go in search of a Concincina as a pet for my studio garden in Milan. That’s when I met Giorgio, a farmer who invited me to an aviary exhibition.

That very same day, the Concincina hen Jessicah (cue Unchained Melody) stole my heart.

My friend and work partner Moreno joined me in this passion/madness and we started to take pictures of literally hundreds of chickens and roosters.

Just look at them. They are beautiful. And they know it.

Eventually, we ended up with enough material to think about publishing a book. That’s why we just launched a Kickstarter campaign.

More info: kickstarter.com | Instagram

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

Chickens are just stunning.

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Giovanni Pernice and Jess Wright show off their blossoming romance with sun soaked snaps from Rome

Romance is going strong for Strictly Come Dancing star Giovanni Pernice and TOWIE babe Jess Wright.

The reality star couple have been living it up in Italy on a romantic getaway.

Earlier this week, 27-year-old dance professional Gio and 32-year-old reality beauty Jess jetted off to Rome.

And it was clear for all their fans (and everyone else) to see that they are simply head over heels for each other.

Giovanni and Jess are flaunting their romance all over social media

Taking to Instagram stories, both parties of this painfully good looking couple couldn’t help but show off their relationship.

Over on Gio’s feed, he posed with Jess as they both smiled and wore hats.

The Italian native added an emoji to the image showing a face blowing a kiss.

Giovanni and Jess outed their relationship on social media on Valentine’s Day

Meanwhile Jess proved she is also keen to show off her new man by posing alongside him as they both wore shades in the Italian sunshine.

The couple had been dating secretly for three months before going public on Valentine’s Day as Giovanni shared a loved up photo of them together via social media.

However now the pair can’t contain their love at all as they share snaps of themselves all loved up online.

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